Dual Momentum Investing Hent (Læs online.Download) Bog Gratis PDF, ePub, Kindle

Dual Momentum Investing Hent (Download/Læs online) Bog PDF, ePub, Kindle Gratis

Bog, hardback Dual Momentum Investing af Gary Antonacci

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After examining more than two hundred years of data across dozens of markets and asset classes, the conclusion is clear: Momentum continually outperforms. However, most mainstream investors haven’t had a way to fully discover and implement the benefits of momentum investing. This book deals with this topic.

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This is the strategy that consistently gets high returns with low risk – because it knows when to adapt. After examining more than two hundred years of data across dozens of markets and asset classes, the conclusion is clear: Momentum continually outperforms. However, most mainstream investors haven’t had a way to fully discover and implement the benefits of momentum investing …until now! Whether you’re an independent investor, investment professional, or money manager, Dual Momentum Investing enables you to consistently profit on major changes in relative strength and market trend. Based on the award-winning work of Gary Antonacci, an expert in modern portfolio theory and optimization, this groundbreaking guide presents an easy-to-understand, straightforward model that transforms momentum concepts into an actionable investing strategy called Global Equity Momentum (GEM). By combining relative-strength momentum and absolute momentum, this proven methodology lets you take advantage of intramarket trends while avoiding large drawdowns.A disciplined implementation of his proven strategy enhances the ability of every trader to: Lock in profits and mitigate risk with a minimal number of switches per year among US equities, non-US equities, and bonds; establish meaningful control over investment risk once an asset’s value begins to decline; and, remove emotional and behavioral biases from your decision making while taking advantage of these same biases in other traders to achieve exceptional returns. Each facet of GEM is explained with simple clarity using the perfect amount of supporting theory, historicalanalysis, and understandable data. Pragmatic techniques come to life with real-world relevance that both deepens your understanding of why dual momentum trading works and better prepares you for using it with your own investments. From picking a cost-effective brokerage firm, to making asset choices, to customizing your strategy as you near retirement – this reliable guide helps you do it all with the confidence you’ll gain through repeated success. You put a lot into earning your wealth; now take the next step with Dual Momentum Investing and properly protect it while it’s working for you.Praise for Dual Momentun Investing: “Gary Antonacci takes us on a comprehensive tour of investment methods, exploring their strengths and weaknesses, and lays out a strong case for combining absolute and relative momenta. I consider Dual Momentum Investing as an essential reference for system designers, money managers, and investors.” (Ed Seykaota). “Gary Antonacci’s Dual Momentum Investing is what happens when Ed Thorpe’s Beat the Dealer meets Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety. This is an ambitious and must-have book.” (Claude ERB, retired Managing Director, TCW Group, Inc.). “Antonacci presents a clear and scholarly sound case for the success of a simple momentum-based strategy. Give it a try; you’ll be hooked!”. (John Nofdinger, PhD, Seward Chair of Finance, University of Alaska Anchorage, and author of The Psychology of Investing. “A treasure of well-researched, momentum-driven investing processes. Antonacci clearly shows a number of different methods that anyone who is serious about a long-term strategy will find easy to implement. This is one of those five-star books; it is logical and easy to grasp.” ( Gregory L.Morris, Chief Technical Analyst and Investment Committee Chairman, Stadion Money Management, LLC, and author of Investing with the Trend). “A must-read for both individual investors as well as financial advisors. It will forever change the way you think about developing investment and asset allocation strategies.” (DR. Bon Froehlich, retired Vice Chairman, Deutsche Asset Management).

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